Jonas C. Jeppesen

Game Designer

Jonas C. Jeppesen


NõNaméGamé is a mobile puzzle platformer game. The game requires the player to guide the main character through a set of levels that gets progressively more complex and difficult. The game features a simple input scheme; tap to move, and swipe to orbit the camera around the player. You complete a level when the player rebuilds and enters a portal. That is done by changing the position and rotating the different game world elements.

The core gameplay is to manipulate the environment to solve puzzles.

It’s a school project in a course called Game Design. It has 5 uniquely design levels.

Made in Unity

Level 4

The idea here is to isolate the player so they can learn the controls before progressing.

I wanted the player to know exactly where to go. Here it is indicated with a total overview of the map and the yellow indicators.

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