Jonas C. Jeppesen

Game Designer

Jonas C. Jeppesen

Expeditions: Viking

Circa 790 AD. A small band of Norse warriors lands on the shores of England. History may have forgotten their names, but their actions live on. As the chieftain of your clan, let ambition guide your choices in the party-based RPG Expeditions: Viking. How will history remember you?

I worked a short period as a level designer on some raiding villages. This experience had an enormous impact on what I wanted to do in games. I really liked how detailed I could get with the environmental storytelling and emagining a how the village would survive through the seasons and how they set up defenses.

Working closely with 2 other level designers, a lead, and an environmental artist everything had to look and feel just right.

The levels were between 50x50-200x200 kilometer and they should work in two layers.

The first layer is where the player explores. The environment needs to be interesting, lively and look like people have lived there for years.

The second layer is in battle mode with a hexagonal layout. Here the environment needs to be adjusted so it fits this layout. This means that the environment has to consider the gameplay and make enough space for the player in battle mode. It needs to have covers and traps that look natural because the art style was going for historical realism.

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