Jonas C. Jeppesen

Game Designer

Jonas C. Jeppesen


The idea is to build the first working real-time AR MMO using the mobile phone with no peripherals.

The premise of the game is that you are a spy or a hacker that has to collect information, steal and eliminate opposing targets. You are part of a faction that wants either anarchy or order. The game can also be played cooperatively. An example of this is illustrated in the pictures: When you activate a mission together one player has to keep the guard occupied while the other player steals the information from the safe or file cabinet. The concept here is to have both players interacting with one scene at the same time.

When one player is near an opposing player he can send out a drone to eliminate the player. To defend yourself you have to use your phone’s gyroscope and camera to locate and shoot the drone. This utilizes time and gives an element of surprise. Players collect the drones & shots by going to specified checkpoints on the map.

Everything is still in delveopment

  • Role Artist, Game and UX Designer

  • For Lucus

  • Date TBA

  • Type Android

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