Jonas C. Jeppesen

Game Designer

Jonas C. Jeppesen

Bruce - The game

The Game is a cyberpunk/noir platform game and the debut of the Polish studio Tabasco Interactive. BRUCE: The Game rather clearly refers to the classics like Ridley Scott’s cult movie Blade Runner or Frank Miller’s comic book Sin City. The game takes place in a rainy, futuristic world, where Bruce, our protagonist, does many various quests and faces enemies. We observe the action from the classic side-scrolling perspective. Bruce uses all kinds of weapons and special abilities during our adventures, including bullet time, known from the Max Payne series. Gameplay focuses on dynamic and spectacular action and, at the same time, presents a mature, entertaining story with interesting NPCs. The game has hand was drawn, noir-inspired visuals.

I gray boxed a couple of levels during my internship

  • Role Level Designer

  • For Logic Artists

  • Date TBA

  • Type PC. PSN, Xbox

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